• Dance Advocacy: Three Ways You Can Get Started Right Now

    Idea #1: Public PerformanceThe goal: Create visibility for your community, raise awareness about the impact of the arts, or ask people to take a specific action.The action: Organize as large a group of people as you can — anywhere from ten to a hundred. Create a short, easy-to-learn phrase that can be repeated. Create a short list of rules that can vary the performance of the phrase — change of facing, change of speed, etc. Participants learn the phrase in advance. (Maybe through a YouTube vi...

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  • Dancing Beyond Genres

    To talk about dance in the 21st century, one must reach far beyond the genres of Western concert dance. Ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary dance are merely starting points for current discourse.

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  • Welcome to From the Green Room

    I am proud of the long history and legacy created by Dance/USA Journal; I’m equally excited about the new opportunities for discourse that will be available to us in this online format.

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