Research & Information

Dance/USA conducts research having a national scope and provides information services to Dance/USA members, the press, and the general public. Research activities focus on the U.S. professional dance field and involve the collation and analysis of data on the state of the field, the administration of surveys on the operations, finances, and programming of organizational members, and discrete examinations into topics of concern to dancemakers. This research serves as a platform for fact-based dialogue and action on sustaining and advancing professional dance.

A core service since the organization's founding in 1982, Dance/USA's research activities have covered many topics over the years. In addition to maintaining its longstanding research projects, Dance/USA focuses on new areas of research in response to the needs and interests of the professional dance field. 

In 2017 and 2018, Dance/USA will focus on the following research areas:

  • Creation of the Directory of Not-for-Profit Dance Ensembles;
  • Expansion of annual survey activities to encompass the operations, finances, and programming of non-member dance companies; 
  • Dissemination models and support structures for dance in rural communities; and
  • Health insurance coverage in the dance field.

Dance/USA tracks requests for future areas of data collection and accommodates such requests as capacity permits.

Questions about Dance/USA's research should be directed to the director of research and information services