Advocacy & Visibility

Dance/USA represents the interests of the national dance community before Congress, the White House, and federal agencies. Dance/USA works with the broader arts field to advocate for the development of national arts policies that recognize and strengthen the cultural community's ability to contribute to American life. We do this as a founding member of the Performing Arts Alliance and as a National Co-Sponsor for Arts Advocacy Day.

Performing Arts Alliance

Dance/USA is a proud founding member of the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), a national network of more than 4,100 members comprising the professional, nonprofit performing arts and presenting fields. For over 30 years, the PAA has been the premier advocate for America's professional nonprofit performing arts organizations, artists, and their publics before the United States Congress and key policy makers. Through legislative and grassroots action, the PAA advocates for national policies that recognize, enhance, and foster the contributions the performing arts make to the U.S. All Dance/USA members are also members of the PAA.

The Dance Advocacy Network

The Dance Advocacy Network provides up-to-date information on policies and legislation that impact the dance and performing arts communities. Sharing advocacy information, tools and resources, and best practices, the Dance Advocacy Network arm members with the information needed to be effective advocates. To join the network, email Dance/USA's Government Affairs Director at

Visit Your Member of Congress

Visiting the DC region? Dance/USA will set up visits with your members of Congress. Simply provide two week's notice and the Government Affairs office will coordinate hill visits and provide training on the issues for any Dance/USA member.