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Covid-19 Update:

Please note that due to staff transition and staff teleworking, Dance/USA is only accepting requests for peer consultations via email. Please email your petition to: Dance/USA requires at least a week’s notice to turn around a letter during this time. 

For timely updates on changes to immigration procedures, please visit Artists From Abroad.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Dance/USA can provide peer consultation letters to U.S.-based agents and organizations petitioning to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for O and P visa status on behalf of a foreign artist. Peer consultation letters are optional support material for visa petitions, offering valuable support for foreign artists. Dance/USA’s peer consultation letter does not serve as a substitute for the required letter from a labor union.

Dance/USA offers five free peer consultation letters a year as a benefit to our members when the member is serving as the petitioner or beneficiary. Non-members will be charged $150 per letter. After 5 letters, members will be asked to pay a reduced fee of $100 per letter. If letters are requested at the time of joining, any discounted new  membership offers will not applied. After providing the letter, Dance/USA will issue an invoice which may be paid online via credit card.

To request a Peer Consultation Letter from Dance/USA, please submit the USCIS petition which should include:

  1. A copy of the 1-129 Form and O&P Supplement Form
  2. A copy of the visa petitioner’s cover letter stating:
    1. Name of the contact person at your sponsoring organization
    2. Artist’s name (and, if different, the name stated on the USCIS petition)
    3. Date of engagement
    4. Artist’s function or role in the engagement
    5. Name and/or address of the USCIS service center to which the letter should be addressed
  3. A biography of the artist and supplementary information fulfilling the USCIS criteria including but not limited to:
    1. Any awards or honors won by the artist
    2. A list of dance companies or cities in which the artist has performed
    3. Discography, television or radio appearances, or other notable appearances
    4. Information regarding training, particularly for young artists
    5. In some cases, it may be necessary to state why this particular artist is crucial to your organization’s performance season, or particular production (particularly for support personnel)
    6. Include critical reviews documenting recent public performances by the artist.  If reviews are unavailable, include evidence of how the artist is regarded in the press or by colleagues or employers.  (If the reviews are foreign, include translations for both Dance/USA and USCIS)
    7. Or, comparable evidence to those items listed above.

Dance/USA generally requires a week’s notice to provide a letter. Please email copies of materials to:

Visit Artists From Abroad for an all-inclusive guide to hiring international artists. 

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