October 21, 2016

Fall 2016 Dance/USA Legislative Forecast

Check in on government appropriations for the NEA and the Arts in Education program. Get updated on preserving the charitable deduction, DOL's overtime regulations, and stay on top of appropriate non-profit activity during the Presidential election.

September 19, 2016

Development Dialogue: The Challenge Comes Between Black and White

Nonprofit professionals deal in an ethical world where right and wrong are self-evident. In practice, however, there’s an awful lot of gray. Read Ron Fredman's ruminations on the fuzzy subtleties -- questionable temptations open to interpretation, even...

September 06, 2016

Leadership Corner: Rosemary Johnson, Executive Director, Alabama Dance Council

Rosemary Johnson of Alabama Dance Council advises young arts leaders in this month's Leadership Corner: "There’s a lot that you can learn in school, but that’s just the beginning. My learning has been primarily on-the-job training. Seek out new opportu...

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