Dance/USA’s 2023 Impact Report

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Dance/USA’s work with and for the dance ecosystem continues to have an enduring and profound impact on us all. 


Throughout 2023, Dance/USA touched thousands of dance professionals and organizations, supporting our collective vision to build and sustain a thriving dance ecosystem. 


We built upon existing programming, shared vital information, found creative ways to connect, and fiercely advocated for the needs of our field. The result — a year filled with incremental shifts and grand evolutions all in an effort to move us closer to our vision. 


Dance/USA Membership has been vital to me because it is the primary conduit for me to connect with my national colleagues to exchange ideas and support each other via the affinity groups. Most importantly perhaps is Dance/USA’s recent efforts to move towards truly becoming a multicultural arts organization that champions equity and diversity in the field and across the organization. Becoming a member of Dance/USA helps me as an artist feel more connected to the dance field and not just in my region or community.
— Karen L. Charles, Artistic and Executive Director
Threads Dance Project, Minneapolis, MN
Kellee Edusei Executive Director Headshot 2021

A Letter from Kellee

I knew Dance/USA was at an inflection point as we entered 2023, teetering on the precipice of transformative change....

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2023 National Conference

Dance/USA made a joyful return to a fully in-person Conference in Atlanta from June 13–16. For four days, 424 creative workers spent time....

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Creativity inspires change. Dance/USA values our nation’s creative capacity and artistry to imagine and build a world....

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Dance/USA strives to be a catalytic network enlivened by connection, community, and collaboration....

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Through the lens of equity, Dance/USA strives to remove the boundaries erected by a legacy of racism....

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Integrity is critical to our organizational culture and the way we lead, serve, and collaborate with....

5-Year Financial Trend Analysis; 708 Registered 501(c)(3) dance organizations used for analysis; 5 years of data were examined (2018-2022)

Key takeaways from this analysis include:

  1. Overall, the 708 non-profit dance companies sampled showed a decline in both revenue and expenses from 2019–2021, with a much steeper drop in expenditures.
  2. Total revenue is returning to pre-pandemic numbers. However, the distribution of contributed and earned revenue is disproportionate to 2018 numbers.
    • The total revenue reported in 2022 returned to 95% of the 2018 values.
  3. While 2022 contributed revenue was up compared to 2018 numbers, the percentage increase differs for companies based on budget size.
    • For the larger dance organizations, contributed revenue saw an increase of 26% in 2022 as compared with 2018.
  4. Large dance companies received a large infusion of government support in response to the pandemic.
    • Government support accounted for only 5% of total revenue in 2018.
    • Government support accounted for 26% of total revenue in 2022.
  5. Large dance companies are still spending less than in 2018.
    • In 2022, expenditures on program services was down by 12% compared to 2018 numbers.


Thank you for joining Dance/USA in making an impact on the dance ecosystem in 2024! Your engagement makes our mission-driven, member-centered work possible. 

With your renewed support and ongoing engagement, Dance/USA will continue to lead, convene, advocate, and support the ecosystem that we all love. Please consider joining us in whatever way is most meaningful to you.

Questions about this report? Contact or call 202.595.6822.

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