Leadership & Learning

Ensuring that the dance field has exceptional leadership on which to build its future is a priority for Dance/USA. Recognizing that leadership comes in all styles and points in a career, we strive to reach deeply and broadly across the membership by including both the artistic and administrative sides of the dance field. Dance/USA provides a range of valuable professional development opportunities throughout the year.

These include events where participants from peer groups, or Councils and Affinity Groups, connect through many hours of casual conversation, information sharing and problem solving discussions.  Members find these Council sessions among the richest benefits offered by Dance/USA.  

Woman in a dance class
Woman in a crowded room stands facing left, holding a microphone

Dance/USA currently offers the following regular, field-wide programming and events:

  • National Conference: Dance/USA’s National Conference convenes over 400 creative workers from the national and international dance community. Learn about the Conference here. 
  • Dance Forum: The Dance Forum brings together a wide variety of individuals working in the dance field to discuss important field-wide issues. Learn about the Dance Forum here.

Complementing these events, Dance/USA also offers webinars and other virtual programming on a variety of timely and relevant topics. Members are also encouraged to take advantage of resources available on the Dance/USA website. These include webinar recordings on audience engagement, an elections toolkit, tips and best practices on archiving and preservation, and much more. In addition, Dance/USA distributes resources, industry news, and advocacy updates to members via the SPIN and other regular communications. Lastly, Dance/USA consistently works with member groups to provide specialized programming and presentations that address the needs of the field. 

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