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Dance/USA offers field-wide and member-only webinars, workshops and other virtual programming on timely and relevant topics. Registration is required for all events, regardless of membership. To learn about upcoming programs, subscribe to the Dance/USA Bulletin and follow Dance/USA on Instagram.

Upcoming Webinars

Centering the Artist Series: Structuring Support for Parent Artists 
July 24, 2024 from 1:00pm-2:30pm ET

Are you an artist struggling to balance outdated models of art-making that add additional challenges to your role as a parent, primary caregiver, and/or parent/caregiver administrator? Are you looking for a supportive community of fellow parents, parent/caregiver administrators, and/or primary caregiver artists willing to share resources? Join Dance/USA and our esteemed panelists on Wednesday July 24, 2024 from 1-2:30 PM ET for Centering the Artist Series: Structuring Support for Parent Artists, sponsored by the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts with additional support by Harlequin Floors. 

As more dancers choose to continue their careers alongside caregiving, how can the dance ecosystem adapt existing structures and create new ones that will support a dancer’s work as both a caretaker and artist? What ideas can we generate collectively for supporting the needs of parent artists? 

Key topics to be covered include: 

  • Continuing your career as a parent, primary caregiver, and/or parent/caregiver administrator 
  • How issues of care and access that pertain to parenthood intersect with other efforts across the dance ecosystem 
  • How directors, choreographers, and dance leaders can create a more inclusive environment for dancing parents, primary caregivers, and/or parent/caregiver administrators 

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Dance Business Bootcamp
September 18, 2024 from 10:00am – 2:00pm ET

Save the date: Dance/USA’s popular workshop for creative business owners is coming back! Whether you’re an established independent artist, a budding entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, juggling the business and artistic side of a dance business can be challenging. Dance Business Bootcamp is a practical, hands-on workshop designed to boost your business skills and give you the relevant and strategic tools you need to succeed. Join fellow dance entrepreneurs this September and tackle shared challenges that will help you manage and lead your business. Space is limited. Registration opens in mid-August. Questions? Contact us at

Past Events

Centering the Artist: How to Crowdfund Your Next Project, sponsored by the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts, April 30, 2024. Dance/USA and Jess Eva Allen of Jess E Allen Studio offered a webinar designed to demystify the world of crowdfunding. This webinar was tailored to equip attendees with the essential knowledge and strategies to effectively utilize crowdfunding platforms to fund your next dance related project. This webinar was not recorded for playback. 

Discussing Dance Data: Impact of the Pandemic on the Financial Structures of Nonprofit Dance Organizations, March 6, 2024. Dance/USA Director of Research Sarah Morrison and SMU DataArts Director Zannie Voss share findings from two different datasets exploring the impact of the pandemic on non-profit dance organizations. They examine data from before, during, and after the pandemic. Discover how this data impacts, empowers, and influences your decision-making!  Watch the recording.

Virtual Allyship Trainings, June 6-7, 2023. Facilitated by Service Never Sleeps, this two-day workshop was a unique opportunity to be in community with creative workers and dance professionals, lean into Dance/USA’s values of equity and inclusion, and deepen your anti-racist work.  

The 118 Congress and the Dance Ecosystem, February 2, 2023. Attendees learned about who is on congressional committees of interest to the arts and cultural sector, the 2023 priorities for the 118th Congress, and what you can do to be an effective advocate for the dance ecosystem and overall arts and cultural sector

Virtual Race Equity Series: White Supremacy 101; Bias & Microaggressions, November 1-2, 2022. These trainings, facilitated by Service Never Sleeps, provided an understanding of Allyship principles and located anti-Blackness and white supremacy in both current and historical contexts.

Virtual Allyship Trainings, October 6-7, 2022. Using a racial justice lens, the trainings, facilitated by Service Never Sleeps, both taught foundational knowledge about white supremacy while also equipping individuals in real time for addressing discrimination and promoting social justice in everyday life.

Virtual Race Equity Series: White Supremacy 101; Bias & Microaggressions, January 25 and February 22, 2022. These trainings, facilitated by Service Never Sleeps, provided an understanding of Allyship principles and located anti-Blackness and white supremacy in both current and historical contexts.

In October 2021, Dance/USA presented Centering the Artist, a series of programming for and about independent artists, featuring the following three webinars: 

Music and Dance – How to Find Your Creative Partner and Make New Collaborations Happen, October 28, 2021. New Music USA and Dance/USA teamed up to present an exciting roundtable discussion exploring the collaboration possibilities between music creators and choreographers. Presented in partnership with New Music USA. Speakers: Chari Glogovac-Smith, Morgxn Karr, Jeremy McQueen. Moderator: Alicia Graf Mack

Dancers Protecting Their Labor, October 20, 2021. Hosted by Dance/NYC, this dialogue unpacked the workforce experiences of dancers across genres and those who work to champion livelihoods in dance. Presented in partnership with Dance/NYC. Speakers: DHQ Brat, Joey Kipp, Amy A. Lehman, Kate Shindle, and Peter Trojic

Informational Session with Dance Artists’ National Collective, October 15, 2021. Dance/USA offered an informational session with Dance Artists’ National Collective (DANC) about important issues affecting dancemakers. Presented in partnership with Dance Artists’ National Collective. Speakers: April Biggs, Emily Hansel, Alex Rodabaugh, and Tony Wright.

U.S. Artist Visas and International Travel in the Age of COVID: Latest Update, September 9, 2021. Experts from Tamizdat and the hosts of – the Association of Performing Arts Professionals and the League of American Orchestras – described what it takes to secure U.S. artist visas and navigate COVID-19 travel restrictions. Presented by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals, League of American Orchestras, and Tamizdat. Co-hosted by A2IM – American Association of Independent Music, Chamber Music America, Dance/USA, Folk Alliance International, National Performance Network, North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents, OPERA America, and Theatre Communications Group

NEA American Rescue Plan Webinars, July 13 and July 27, 2021. Dance/USA and the International Association of Blacks in Dance hosted conversations with the NEA Dance Department on COVID-19 NEA relief support, ask questions, and connect with the federal agency’s dance team.

Symbols of  American Sign Language and Closed CaptioningASL interpretation and Closed Captioning will be provided for all events.

For questions about upcoming webinars or workshops, please contact Dance/USA’S Programs team.
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