Membership FAQs

New! Dance/USA Member Directory

Dance/USA is developing a 2023 Member Directory but we need your help to make it as accurate as possible! If you are the primary account holder, please review the staff listing in your organization's member profile and make any changes, such as removing former staff and adding newly appointed staff. Detailed instructions can be found under "Update Employee Information" on this page on the Dance/USA website. Note: Only the primary account holder will be able to update your organization’s member profile. If you would like to opt out of the 2023 Member Directory please complete this opt out form.

What are the benefits of Membership?

Archiving and Preservation:

  • Free Archiving and Preservation phone consultation
  • Archiving and Preservation Affinity Group open to all members, regardless of member category

Leadership and Learning:


  • Access to 5-year financial trend analysis on non-profit dance organizations from 2017-2021
  • Access to member survey data
  • Assistance/resource support to find data needed for planning, grant-writing, etc.


  • Monthly Advocacy Office Hours, discuss specific federal, state, and local advocacy opportunities for members to lean in with their voices to address various issues of interest.
  • Advocacy Google Group
  • Talking points and assistance with scheduling visits to speak with federally elected officials
  • Five peer consultation letters for Visa applications per year, additional letters $100 each
How much does it cost to become a member?

To find the most up-to-date dues please visit: Membership Benefits, Categories and Payment Plan.

How do I renew or update my membership?

To renew your membership or to update your address, add/remove staff members, or other changes you may want to make please visit: Renew, Create or Update Your Member Account.

Who can join Dance/USA?

Dance/USA memberships are open to all those in the dance ecosystem. Memberships are open to dance artists, companies, presenters, promoters, agents, managers, producers, educators, administrators, the list goes on! If you are interested in joining Dance/USA, please visit: Renew, Create or Update Your Member Account.

Not a Member? Here's what we provide for the whole field:

Free, Field Wide Resources

Fee based, Field Wide Resources

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