Audience Engagement Cookbook

This Cookbook was created by Engaging Dance Audiences (EDA), with the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The purpose of this Cookbook, is to allow the dance field to openly exchange their ideas for audience engagement programs and strategies. The ultimate goal is to work together to improve our audience engagement efforts by sharing what has (and has not) worked in our own organizations and communities.

Like a cookbook, the information is arranged in “recipes,” or short profiles of engagement programs that include:

  • The organization that runs the program
  • The type of program, along with their design, format and target audiences
  • Logistics, such as staffing, cost, and scheduling
  • Program outcomes, in the form of advice or lessons learned, to avoid pitfalls and help ensure the program succeed, and any audience response to it

Also like a cookbook, you can modify the recipes by adding your own “ingredients” and ideas. Please report back to us about how you use the Cookbook, and what you learn from it.

The Cookbook has two parts. Both are explained in this video.

  1. Search all Recipes for ideas.
    Below, you can search all entries, by their category, to discover which organizations run audience engagement programs, the types of programs they run, and to get new ideas to launch or improve your own audience engagement programs.
  2. Enter your Audience Engagement Recipe.
    At the Enter Recipe link below on the right, you can enter information about your own audience engagement program.
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