Audience Engagement Cookbook

Enter Recipe

Below, beginning on this page, you will find the Audience Engagement Recipe form, which asks questions about your program.

Because you must enter your entire recipe at once, we highly recommend that you review this list of questions that are asked in the form, and prepare your recipe in advance. (Note: “questions” link will launch an automatic download of a document.)

What Happens to Your Entry

After you submit your recipe, EDA staff will review it before publishing. We might contact you to ask questions. In submitting it, please note two points:

  • There are word limits for each field.
  • We ask that your text be written in a manner that shares ideas for your peers to replicate, rather than to market your own organization.
    • Example of appropriate text: “Our dance company runs a program called Dance Debriefs after all performances.”
    • Example of text that would not work: “Our dance company can work with any community. Contact us to hear more.”

The entries in this database are shared with the field in line with the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Get started by clicking “Start” below.

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