Technical & Standardization Documents

About the Documents

The Technical & Standardization Documents are intended to provide a standard for touring contract negotiations for touring dance groups at presenting organizations, specifically in regards to technical specifications of performance venues, artist accommodations, and touring paperwork. These documents are intended for dance agents and managers, but can also be used by dance groups as well as presenting organizations.

The document package includes:

  • Dance/USA Standardization Document
  • General Tech Rider Prototype
  • Hotel Questionnaire
  • Sample Tour Book
These documents were jointly created by the Dance/USA Agents, Managers, Producers, and Promoters Council and the Presenters Council.

Co-Chairs of the Technical & Standardization Documents Creation: 

Ariana Brawley, Rachel Cohen, Andrew Delicata, Eric Fliss, Sandy Garcia, Walter Jaffe, Kristopher McDowell, Jenny Morris Cathy Pruzan, Charles Santos, Pam Young

To Access the Documents

Dance/USA is currently undergoing a database transition, and the Technical and Standardization Documents are not available at this time. Please email for assistance.