October 06, 2015

Comprehensive Corporate Relations:

There has been a fundamental shift in the way corporations interact with universities. Though developed in a university environment, the Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officer’s Five Essential Elements should be of strong interest to the arts ...

September 22, 2015

Residencies on the Rise

A professional life in the dance field is often a fragmented one. Few choreographers have the luxury of working in the studio with a group of full-time dancers. One powerful antidote to this fragmentation comes in the form of artist residencies, ...

September 16, 2015

Dance/USA’s Fall Forecast: Policy and Legislative Update

Brandon Gryde, Dance/USA's director of government affairs, gives us the scoop on the legislative issues dancers, choreographers, company managers, board members and executive directors should be watching in Congress this fall.

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How does creativity help solve problems? via @TheAtlantic

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