EDA Round Two Overview

Adapting Practice, Sharing Learning

Engaging Dance Audiences is made possible with generous support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

EDA was conceived in 2008 to significantly increase the dance field’s capacity to engage audiences by researching, implementing and documenting effective and forward-thinking practices, and sharing them with the field. In this second round of EDA, Dance/USA members are again benefiting from direct funding and related professional development services.

Three Related Components

EDA’s three components are designed to advance the dance field’s effectiveness in audience engagement.

1. Learning Exchanges

Dance/USA hosted two Learning Exchanges in the spring and summer of 2012. Members and others from the field were encouraged to attend these professional development events in order to learn about audience engagement methods but also to begin shaping ideas for their own application to Round Two, if they chose to apply. During these all-day exchanges among peers, grantees from Round One were on hand to share the results of their projects, and guide attendees in adapting methods for their own audiences and communities. Content from these events, including guides and videos, is now available at Learning Exchange Content.

2. Support for Projects and Operating Costs

A second round of grants was awarded to Dance/USA members to adapt the ideas from EDA Round One projects to members’ own organizations and communities. Additionally, acknowledging the ancillary costs of implementing new projects, the grants were augmented with general operating support of about one-third of the total grant amount.

Sources of ideas for projects

Applicants could adapt and advance ideas, models, and/or research findings derived from the Round One projects or the related EDA field research to fit their own communities and context. The emphasis was on adaptation and advancement of the Round One ideas, rather than straight replication of them.

How source ideas could be adapted

Applicants could mix and match Round One project methods, and/or incorporate research findings.

Applicants were urged to closely review the Profiles of the Round One Grantees and related videos from portions of the Learning Exchange, as well as the research findings, to consider a range of choices and ideas that could be adapted. EDA did not endorse a fixed set of formats for projects, nor a single way of understanding the implications of the research. Under Round Two Principles, there are relevant insights from EDA Round One, including two ways in which applicants could consider and frame the results of EDA Round One projects and research. Finally, the content from the Learning Exchanges cited above provided guidance with adapting project ideas from Round One; this content includes practical information such as timelines and budgets as well as presentations from the grantees themselves.

3. Learning Community

An added service of being funded is the opportunity to participate in the professional development activities for members and grantees that will continue from early 2013 to the summer of 2014, both online and at conferences. Based in part on the enthusiasm of Round One grantees about meeting together as peers, grantees are again being funded to not only undertake their projects, but also to actively participate in a learning community about engaging audiences. Information and learning was shared with the broader Dance/USA membership at meetings and online; see in particular the Round Two Webinars and the EDA Resource Library.


Deadline for Becoming a Member

August 31, 2012

Proposal Deadline

Monday, September 10, 2012 at 5:30 Eastern time

Notification of Funding

December, 2012

Earliest Project Start Date

June 1, 2013

Latest Project End Date

August 31, 2014

Grantee Peer Learning Meetings

From the summer of 2013 to the summer of 2014

Interim Report due

TBD, during grant period

Final Report due

Up to 60 days afterproject end date. All final reports must be submitted by the early fall of 2014.

Questions? Contact Suzanne Callahan, program manager, at 202.955.8325 or eda@ForTheArts.org.

Read the press release announcing funding for Round Two, and the release announcing the grants that were made.
Peruse the audience engagement resources, including Round Two Principles, Round Two Grantees, Round Two Webinarscontent from Round One projects, research, and content from Learning Exchanges and consider adapting this learning to your own organization.

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