EDA Resource Library

In the three rounds of EDA, Dance/USA has gathered a range of materials to assist the dance field with their audience engagement efforts.  Members and the field can use this information to learn about: models and methods of engagement; trends in audience behavior; and ideas for programs that they might replicate.

Audience Engagement Online Cookbook

Dance/USA is pleased to release this new searchable database of audience engagement practices (in development). EDA grantees have generously shared the stories of creating their engagement projects and the secrets to what made them succeed.  To plan your own engagement programs, visit this site to hear from your peers, get new ideas, and most importantly learn about what worked and what did not work. You will find the vision and goals behind these programs as well as the logistics involved in producing them. Finally, you can share the story of your own audience engagement program with peers in the dance field.  

EDA Webinars from Round Three

In this series, over four months in 2016, Dance/USA presented eight biweekly webinars on audience engagement. Grantees shared the engagement methods they explored in their projects. Similar to round two, these interactive webinars began with grantees live on camera and segued to live "call-in" discussions and questions. During each webinar, a shared whiteboard captured a summary of speaker comments, shared resources, and answers to questions posed. Webinars are appropriate for artists and administrators in the areas of marketing, education, and fundraising, as well as teachers and even those working in other art forms who want fresh ideas for engaging audiences. Recordings of each webinar and links to each whiteboard are available at this link.

Audience Engagement Principles

Read a working definition and principles of audience engagement, during prior rounds of EDA.

Round Two: Webinars and Learning Exchanges

In a series of webinars, over four months in 2014, grantees shared the engagement methods they were exploring. These interactive webinars began with grantees live on camera and segue to live "call-in" discussions, where attendees could ask for help or offer suggestions, and contribute their ideas to a shared resource list for use by all following the talk. The goal was to leave all involved with fresh ideas, new resources, and guidance. Here you can view shared online whiteboards that were generated during each webinar, which include a summary of the discussion and links to related resources.  Also view screen captures, with some audio, of the sessions. 

In 2012, Dance/USA sponsored two Learning Exchanges, where the Round One Grantees convened to instruct dance professionals about their projects and ideas for replication. Sessions were videotaped, and a range of handouts created. Here you will find the videos for select grantee projects, along with practical tools to adapt projects to your needs, including budgets, timelines, descriptions, and lessons learned.  

Round One: Webinars and Profiles

In webinars presented at an early point during Round One, grantees and tech professionals shared project results and techniques for using social media. Here you will find Powerpoints from those webinars. Profiles of select grantees tell the story of their project and provide additional information that would be useful in learning about and replicating the projects.

EDA Research 

During Round One, extensive research was conducted.  A national study of dance audiences gives trends on audience demographics, behavior and interests in engaging with dance.  Additional research on the nine grantees tracks audience response to those projects.  Two reports on the 179 applications to Round One give snapshots of the field’s own capacity and efforts to engage its audiences.