EDA Round Four Grantee Timeline

This timeline is provided to help grantees plan for the EDA project period. It includes meetings and deadlines for the submission of reports and other requirements.


Early April

Grantees notified of funding decisions.


Formal announcement of grants. Grantees may announce their awards after this date.

Grantees provide logistical information for the upcoming meeting, including their hotel needs, travel plans, and staff bios.

 May 1  Contracts send to grantees

May or later

Grantees sign and submit their contracts, with related requirements, including board list and operating budget, as well as any revisions to their project timeline, staffing, and budget. 

June 1

Earliest project start date. Grantees can draw down their general operating funds, as well as their first 25% of project funds, pending submission of the above items by May 12.  

June 7-8

First Grantee In-Person Meeting. (Required) in Kansas City, MO, in conjunction with the Dance/USA conference. Meeting will take place over two days, with grantees traveling on June 6.

September 15

Grantees make decisions about optional technical assistance or site visit, and submit events for the EDA shared calendar. Grantees then receive 25% project payment.

August 2017-
June 2018

Grantee Technical Assistance and Site Visit Phase. Consultants and staff assist grantees. (Optional) Grantees can conduct a site visit of another grantee's program (Optional)


Grantees may wish to communicate occasionally via video calls and other methods. EDA staff will assist with scheduling and facilitation. EDA program manager may informally interview grantees.



Grantees communicate as a group occasionally via video calls and other methods. EDA facilitators assist. EDA program manager may conduct informal interviews with grantees.


Grantees schedule and share information about their projects with the field via biweekly EDA webinars. After presenting in a webinar, grantees submit an interim report, and receive 25% of project payment.


Deadline for grantees to book travel for Grantee Wrap-Up Meeting via Worldwise Travel and submit hotel information.

Deadline for grantees to register for Dance/USA annual conference with EDA discount.

June 6-7

(tentative dates)

In-Person Grantee Wrap-Up Meeting (required) and Conference session with grantees to share learning. Meeting will take place in Los Angeles, CA, over two days, with grantees traveling on June 5.

July 31

Last possible end date for grantee projects. 

August 31

Grantees participate in a process to help Dance/USA evaluate EDA. Last possible day for grantees to submit their final report of about two pages and enter information about their project online into the EDA Cookbook. To receive their final payment, grantees must attend the Grantee Wrap-Up meeting in June, 2018, and submit the final report and database record, by the due date in their contract. 

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