Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Dance Company Member

New York, NY
Greg Mudd, Executive Director

Founded in 2003, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet continues seeking to help dance develop and evolve. Under the direction of Executive Director Greg Mudd and Artistic Director Benoit-Swan Pouffer, Cedar Lake is experimenting, taking risks, and looking forward to the future.

1.    Describe your organization’s mission and its work in 3 adjectives. Please explain the adjectives you selected.

Three adjectives: comprehensive, curated, thought-provoking.
Cedar Lake strives to provide a comprehensive environment that has the necessary time and resources for its choreographers and their collaborators to create work, which results in a thought-provoking and curated repertoire that represents the true abilities of the artists.

2.    What inspires the work of your organization and why?

At Cedar Lake we are always looking to improve the learning and development of the dancer. It is their individuality, commitment, and drive that inspire us to find new methods and voices to nourish both their minds and bodies.

3.    What accomplishment from the past year is your organization most proud of and eager to share with Dance/USA’s membership and the field at large?

We’re very proud of Cedar Lake 360º, our first summer intensive held during the summer of 2011. Forty-eight students were selected, and they took part in a three-week curriculum, featuring a variety of classes, an introduction to the Cedar Lake repertory, and new choreography with our dancers and artistic staff. The students were divided into performance groups for public performances of an installation work created by Benoit-Swan Pouffer and performed with the 16-member company of Cedar Lake. We’re looking forward to growing and evolving the next intensive.

4.    Where do you see dance in the future and how does your organization fit within that vision?

Due to many popular TV shows and a larger online presence, in-home viewing of dance has increased and will continue growing. These and other trends, such as streaming performances, were not factors when the Company began. We are striving to find new ways to keep patrons coming to the theater by embracing these advances in technology. Some of these new initiatives will appear in 2013, on tour, and during the next summer intensive.  We are a company that appreciates and attempts to understand change and, by doing so, will be a part of the future of dance.

5.    As an organization, what do you hope your dance legacy to be?

We hope our legacy will be one that is deep in experimentation and vast in its examples of artists who have furthered the art form as a result of their time and experience at Cedar Lake.