2022 Dance Forum

The 2022 Dance Forum was presented virtually on January 13, 2022.

About the 2022 Dance Forum: The Power of Digital
Over the past decade, the trends around steadily increasing screen time haven’t really wavered – suggesting that digital engagement with organizations and performances, while accelerated by the pandemic, isn’t about to recede entirely. As a permanent player within the field rather than an afterthought or secondary option, the integration of digital programming can’t be overlooked or ignored but accepted, explored, and executed with as much intentionality as live performance. This panel explored the storytelling opportunities within digital dance performance, the ways in which virtual ventures push artists and dance organizations to increase collaborative, creative placemaking processes, and the importance of continued accessible options for the future of dance programming.

The 2022 Dance Forum Speakers

  • Cara Hagan, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Akron; Director and Curator, ADF’s Movies by Movers
  • Jacob Jonas, Creative Director, Jacob Jonas The Company
  • Rachel Purcell, Senior Consultant, Digital Marketing, Capacity Interactive
  • Sarah Taborga, Founder, Dear Queer Dancer
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