Visa and Tax Issues for Foreign Guest Artists

Dance/USA supports the dance field by providing information and services related to visa and tax requirements for foreign guest artists. Such support includes:

  • Government advocacy addressing visa processing problems and delays at the USCIS
  • Educational resources, including the most up-to-date information on visa and tax requirements for foreign guest artists
  • Pre-petition peer consultation letters and guidance on navigating the visa process
  • Forums for members to share information and collaborate with other colleagues in the field

What’s At Stake
Due to the delays and unpredictability of visa processing by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there is a continuing risk that foreign guest artists will be unable to enter the country in time for their performance engagements. Once an artist does receive a visa, the issue of tax withholdings for foreign guest artists must be addressed.  Both the visa process and tax withholding requirements are complicated and require a tremendous amount of due diligence on the sponsoring organization.  Dance/USA and its partner national service organizations in the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) are paying close attention to these issues, in an effort to best serve our members.  Dance/USA lobbies Congress each year to improve the visa process for foreign guest artists and is working to clarify and assist members with the tax withholding requirements.

Make Your Case

Tools and Resources

  • Artists From Abroad is the most complete guide on visa and tax requirements for engaging foreign guest artists. Created by the League of American Orchestras and the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Artists From Abroad is an online resource for foreign guest artists, their managers and performing arts organizations. Please check the News section for the updates on filing procedures, fee increases and other information to avoid delays.
  • Contact Dance/USA: Dance/USA provides guidance and technical assistance to dance companies, artists, and managers on the visa process.  For assistance or questions concerning the visa process, please contact our Government Affairs Director at
  • Request a peer consultation letter for your foreign guest artist visa petition.