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Dance/USA’s Institute for Leadership Training (DILT) is a one-on-one mentorship program aimed to build the leadership and decision-making skills of emerging dance leaders who represent the diversity of the national, professional dance community. Since 2011, over 115 individuals have participated in the program, including mentors and mentees.

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The design of the program has evolved from a national professional dance mentorship program for Dance/USA members to a program devoted to shifting patterns of inequity in the dance field, open to members and non-members alike. In 2015, DILT began intentionally recruiting members from diverse communities with a specific interest in supporting emerging leaders of color. Today, DILT is continuing to expand its reach. The 2017 program has a specific focus on supporting individuals of African, Latino(a), Asian, Arab, and Native American descent; individuals with disabilities or working in physically integrated dance; and individuals from a diversity of gender identities including transgender, agender, gender fluid, genderqueer, etc.

See below for a full list of past program participants. Learn more about the program here.


2011 Mentees

Pat Germann

Claire Horn

Kate Hutter

Lizzie Leopold

Julie Potter

David Sadowsky

Curtis Stedge

Matt Wells


2011 Mentors

Marcello Angelini

Lucy Bowen McCauley

David Brown

Barry Hughson

Bernard Schmidt

Ivan Sygoda

Anna Thompson

Judy Waters


2012 Mentees

Cheryl Burns

Eveline Chang

Ellen Chenoweth

Marcia de la Garza

Marlana Doyle

Chard Gonzalez

Lydia Hance

Gina Hoch Stall

Shayna Keller

Michael Mizerany

Robin Steihm


2012 Mentors

Lucy Bowen-McCauley

C.C. Connor

Carolyn Dorfman

Kadidia Doubmia

Andrew Edmonson

Barry Hughson

Gina Gibney

John Malashock

Laird Rodet

Debbie Shapiro

Ivan Sygoda

Eva Wieland


2013 Mentees

Christine Chen

Stephen Clapp

Katie Diamond

Dana Horst

Sofia Klass

Athleen Klein

Christine Stone Martin

Edward McPherson

Erin F. Mitchell

Molly Terbovich Ridenhour

Sean Wright

Eryn Renee Young


2013 Mentors

Dominique Alfandre

Lucy Bowen McCauley

Laura Colby

Carolyn Dorfman

Molissa Fenley

Barry Hughson

Michelle Ramos

Jay Romano

Ken Tabachnick

Anita Thomas

Michael Uthoff

Doug Yeuell


2014 Mentees

Tara Aesquivel

Sarah Case

Karen Long Charles

Karl Cronin

Katherine Fabian

Rachael Glashan

Indira Goodwine

Mike Marraccini

Pearl Wise-Crawley


2014 Mentors

Richard J. Caples

Harris Ferris

Andrea Lodico Welshons

Michael Ann Mullikin

Julie Nakagawa

Melanie Rios Glaser

Doug Singleton

Paul Vasterling


2015 Mentees

Michele Baer

Brittany Beyer

Molly Glynn Puryear

Joseph Morrissey

Annika Presley

Malik Robinson

Marciano Silva des Santos

Ricarrdo Valentine

Tamica Washington-Miller


2015 Mentors

Tammy Borman

Amy Lam

Andrea Lodico Welshons

Julie Nakagawa

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

Bennett Rink

David Shimotakahara

Valerie Wilder

C. Brain Williams


2016 Mentees

Jessica Abejar

Michelle LeNoir Vanhuss

Elena Rose Light

Michael Medcalf

Megan Mizanty

Yvonne Montoya

Michael Richter

Fabiola Torralba

Daniel Wellman


2016 Mentors

Carla DeSola

Barry Hughson

David Leventhal

Sabrina Madison-Cannon

Allison Orr

Rosy Simas

Holly Williams

Pamela Young


2017 Mentees

Conrhonda Baker

Tommie-Waheed Evans

Maura Garcia

Marisa Hamamoto

Tina Mullone

Vijay Palaparty

Heather Rigby

Vershawn Sanders-Ward


2017 Mentors

Tammy Bormann

Anne Huang

Stephanie V. McKee

Amy Miller

Julie Nakagawa

Michelle Ramos

Pam Tatge

Nancy Umanoff

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