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Submit an Announcement

Please complete the corresponding form in order to submit an announcement for inclusion on the Dance/USA website and in the monthly Dance/USA Bulletin. 

Please allow three business days for the Membership Department to review and publish the posting to the Dance/USA website. Once published online, postings will remain active for 30 days. An automatic email notice will be sent to you three days prior to the posting's expiration, which will give you an opportunity to renew your posting. 

Please note: Listings on this website ( are all user generated. The inclusion of content by any user does not constitute an endorsement by Dance/USA of that individual or organization’s views. Please email Dance/USA’s Membership Department if you have any questions or would like to flag a listing. Dance/USA reserves the right to remove a posting at any time.

The Dance/USA Bulletin, an e-newsletter, is published on the 15th of each month (unless the 15th falls on weekend, in which case it will be the Monday following) and shared with Dance/USA’s membership and others. Posting must be received by the 10th of each month to be included.


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If you are interested in upgrading your membership to the organizational level or becoming a Dance/USA member contact  the Dance/USA Membership Department.

Reserve a Feature Space

Increase the visibility of your job, audition, or internship announcement by reserving a prominent spot in the Dance/USA Bulletin! Details on how to reserve a Lead or Closing Feature Space, see the appropriate header below. 

Feature Space Announcement

Reserve a Lead or Closing Feature Space in the Dance/USA Bulletin and raise the visibility of your current job, audition, or other professional development posting currently appearing on the Dance/USA website

Membership StatusPricingDetails/Restrictions 
Organizational Member
$15.00To appear in 1 Bulletin, by request.*
Individual Member
$30.00To appear in 1 Bulletin, by request as an add-on to an already purchased Dance/USA website posting.*
Non-Member$30.00To appear in 1 Bulletin, by request as an add-on to an already purchased Dance/USA website posting.*

To reserve, first submit your job, internship, or audition above, then contact the Dance/USA Membership Department with your Feature Space request. 

Feature Space Highlight

Reserving a Feature Space is an excellent way to reach the dance field. Dance/USA members and non-members may reserve the Lead or Closing Feature Space to highlight a special, one time opportunity. Appropriate opportunities would include unique, one-time offers or announcements that could not be placed on an appropriate page of the Dance/USA website.

Similarly to the rental of Dance/USA’s Mailing List, reserving a Feature Space is by request only, is on a first-come, first-served basis, and the content must be timely, relevant, and of general interest to the Dance/USA membership and dance field. 

Membership StatusLead Feature SpaceClosing Feature SpaceDetails/Restrictions
Members (Organizational & Individual)
$40.00$30.00To appear in 1 Bulletin
$55.00$45.00To appear in 1 Bulletin

Requirements and Restrictions 

  • A member or non-member may reserve a Feature Space for a one-time use, to appear in one (1) Dance/USA Bulletin as available. If a member or non-member desires to reserve multiple Feature Spaces, please inform the Director of Member Services.
  • Content for the Highlight, occupying the Lead or Closing Feature Space, must be provided for review – in advance. The deadline to provide content is seven (7) business days prior to the 15th of each month.
  • Content must be of general interest to the membership and dance field as well as timely and relevant. Dance/USA may refuse the reservation of a Dance/USA Bulletin Feature Space. Due to limited space, the use of a Lead or Closing Feature Space is not reserved for performances or season brochures announcements. 
  • Access is on a first come, first served basis and the placement of the announcement in the Lead or Closing Feature Space will be at the discretion of the Director of Member Services.

To reserve, contact the Dance/USA's Membership Department. Feature Spaces should be 200 words or less. Links to a more robust description (if applicable) is welcomed.