Sarah Morrison, Director of Research

Woman with long brown hair looks at the camera. Leafy green plants are behind her.

Sarah Morrison began her research career in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University upon receiving her M.A. in experimental psychology. Sarah has over fifteen years of research experience spanning across behavioral science, arts administration, education, and health sciences. In addition to her work at Case, she has contributed to nationally funded research projects with the Center for Arts Inspired Learning, OhioDance, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Boston University, and Baldwin-Wallace University, where she also teaches courses in research design and methodology.

Sarah is additionally a lifelong dancer and an award-winning choreographer. In 1997, she choreographed and directed the world’s first live internet dance performance, and founded MorrisonDance, a small non-profit dance company based in Cleveland, OH. Since that time, she has continued to cultivate partnerships with some of Northeast Ohio’s most fascinating artists and scientific organizations including NASA, BrainMaster, the Center for Arts Inspired Learning, and MOCA, always experimenting with using the beauty of dance to showcase alternative disciplines such as science, technology, nature, and visual arts.

Sarah loves asking questions and seeking answers. As the Director of Research at Dance/USA, she is excited to combine her two areas of expertise to serve and support all aspects of the national dance community, big and small! Sarah works remotely from Cleveland, OH where she continues to cultivate the vibrancy of the dance community in the Midwest through performance, education, and collaboration.

ID: Sarah is a white woman with light-brown hair past her shoulders looking directly at the camera with a warm smile. She is wearing a black top and is surrounded by large leafy foliage. Photo taken by Mackenzie Tyson.


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