Krystal Collins, Leadership and Learning Specialist

A woman looks directly at the camera, smiling.

Krystal Collins (they/she) is the Leadership and Learning Specialist at Dance/USA. As a creative producer and strategist, Krystal has donned many titles within the medium of dance such as performer, choreographer, dance educator and writer. The genesis of their professional career took place in Washington, D.C. There, Krystal danced for companies that imbue the lively spirit of D.C. dance like darlingdance, Heart Stück Bearnie, AJ Collabs and ReVision Dance Company. As a choreographer, they premiered their first evening length work co-commissioned by Dance Place and Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens in 2021. As an administrator, Krystal spent their 4 years in D.C. running two successful youth programs that focused on strengthening the creative workforce and highlighting the world of possibilities within the arts.

They now live and work in New York City and have spent 6 years total in arts administration. At Dance/USA, Krystal furthers the impactful legacy of notable events like the bi-annual National Conference and Dance Forum (as a part of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) Conference), while conceptualizing annual programming that serves as connection points for members of the dance ecosystem to organize towards a collective goal, practice radical empathy and learn from varied perspectives. For Krystal, dance and movement are vehicles that drive toward community, social change and liberation. Movement is their praxis of reimagination, shapeshifting and world building. Krystal brings this energy to their thoughtful curation and execution of Dance/USA programming and events.

ID: Headshot of a brown skinned African-american non-binary femme displaying a toothy/dimpled grin, box braids and a turquoise opal septum nose piercing.


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