Dance Heritage Coalition Integration

March 2017

Dance/USA and Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) announced the integration of DHC’s preservation, archives, and education programs into Dance/USA. The leaders of these two nonprofit organizations, which share a mission to serve and support the dance field, are enthusiastic about the possibilities for collaboration and expanded services that will be created by this partnership.

  •  During 2017 and 2018, Dance/USA and DHC will work together to implement the transition and develop a robust model for integrating programs, resources, and memberships, as well as piloting new joint projects. Dance/USA will launch a peer network for dance archivists which will meet through quarterly conference calls and an in-person gathering at Dance/USA’s annual conferences, ensuring that DHC’s founding mission to promote collaboration and information-sharing in the field will continue. “One of the great advantages of working more closely with Dance/USA will be the increase in opportunities for dance artists and archivists to meet and work together,” said DHC’s acting executive director, Imogen Smith. “DHC has documented the creative potential in collaborations between artists, archivists, and scholars, and we anticipate that this relationship with Dance/USA will catalyze more such collaborations in the future.” To learn more about the integration click here.

April 2017

  • Dance/USA is now welcoming DHC members and those interested in connecting with Dance Heritage Coalition to join Dance/USA in the newly created category of Dance Heritage Affiliates. To learn more about membership click here and here for FAQs

June 2017

  • DHC will be offering consultations in the smART Bar as well as presenting at the Dance/USA conference this year. 

    Ask an Archivist: A Workshop in Preserving Your Legacy

    Friday, June 9 | 10am – 11:30am
    Moderated by Imogen Smith and Genie Guerard

    Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) will share the Artist’s Legacy Toolkit, a suite of free online resources designed to provide practical, adaptable guidance to dance artists and administrators on the many aspects of archiving, preservation, and records management. In addition to introducing these resources and providing time for feedback, DHC will answer questions and discuss best practices for digitizing videotapes, organizing and securing digital assets, conducting assessments and inventories of decades’ worth of records, finding archival partners, establishing an in-house archive, and the emerging vision of “artist-driven archives”. This workshop will inspire artists and administrators to think creatively about developing manageable solutions to ensure the survival of artistic legacies. Learn more about all speakers for this session. 

    DHC Affinity Group Meeting

    Saturday, June 10 | 1:30pm – 2:30pm
    Moderated by Imogen Smith

    DHC also recommends: 

    Envisioning a Bold Future for Dance’s Digital Presence

    Thursday, June 8 | 3:45pm – 5pm
    Moderated by Libby Smigel Speaker: Rebecca Salzer

    Online consumption of entertainment and information has exploded over the last few years. Has the dance world’s attitude towards our digital presence shifted in response? Have there been changes in our ideas about intellectual property and the relationship between live and recorded performance? While individual artists and organizations are devoting more resources to online visibility, our digital offerings as a field remain largely fragmented, low-quality, ruthlessly-excerpted, and lacking curatorial integrity. This interactive panel will enlist your creativity in envisioning a digital-access path supported by stakeholders from throughout the dance field. How can dance organize and pool our digital resources to better support the development of new audiences, young artists, and dance scholarship? Come, and help us find out! Learn more about all speakers for this session.