Tony Shivers, Director of Government Affairs

Tony Shivers

Tony represents the interests of Dance/USA and OPERA America before Congress, the White House, and relevant federal agencies and works on a range of issues, including budget/appropriations, arts education, tax policy, cultural exchanges, foreign visas, and raising the overall awareness of the importance of arts to the global economy. Tony brings years of experience as a government affairs professional working on various education and health care issues at the federal, state, and local levels of government. One of Tony’s personal passions is ensuring that students are prepared for the global economy whatever path they may choose and believes that arts education is critical towards their success. Tony previously led government affairs operations for various national nonprofit organizations in the Washington, DC area, including the National Association of State Boards of Education and National Association of Federally Impacted Schools. Tony also held leadership positions at United Way Worldwide and the Council for a Strong America organizations based in the Washington, DC area. Tony is passionate about giving back to the community through volunteerism and is active with the PTA at all levels as well as other nonprofit organizations. Tony received his B.S. in Political Science from the Pennsylvania State University and completed his law studies at Purdue University Global Concord School of Law.

 Image Description: Tony is an African-American man with Native American heritage. He is wearing a navy blue suit with a white button-down shirt and red tie with white dots. He is clean shaven with a close haircut and is facing the camera directly with a smile in front of a brown background.


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