Dance Business Bootcamp


Created in 2015, in partnership with Fractured Atlas, Dance Business Bootcamp is a workshop for independent artists, choreographers, and dance groups with budgets below $200,000.

A practical, business skill-building session, Dance Business Bootcamp provides a hands-on learning experience focused on the creative practice and the innovation required for starting, leading, and maintaining small dance businesses.  

Each year, Dance Business Bootcamp is offered as a full day of programming at the Dance/USA Annual Conference. The Conference gathers 450-500 dance professionals from across the United States and abroad for four days of professional development, networking, and performances.

The inaugural Dance Business Bootcamp workshop took place at the 2015 Annual Conference in Miami, FL. After receiving positive feedback from Bootcamp participants, the workshop was offered again at the 2016 Annual Conference in Austin, TX and the 2017 Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO, with the support of local funders. Since its inception in 2015, Dance/USA has engaged Fractured Atlas to facilitated Dance Business Bootcamp. 


In a field often described as isolating, Dance Business Bootcamp offers strategic and relevant management tools to a large and inadequately resourced segment of the professional dance population. 

Dance Business Bootcamp has enabled Dance/USA to think more deeply about how to manage and lead in a complex system that is comprised in part by independent artists, unincorporated dance groups, and dancemakers working in a myriad of dance genres.

Dance Business Bootcamp builds a stronger and more skilled industry management infrastructure – securing a vibrant future for professional dance in the United States.

Dance Business Bootcamp


 Dance Business Bootcamp is full day workshop. Participants  can expect to  spend  time in a structured, co-learning  environment with peers tackling  common administrative  challenges that may include:

  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Theory of Change
  • Budgeting
  • Fundraising
  • Local Audience Cultivation
  • Strategic Partnerships

Many past attendees revealed that they found Dance Business Bootcamp to be the most successful session at the Annual Conference. Participants came away from the Bootcamp feeling:

  • A stronger sense of community.
  • That the session content was useful and immediately applicable to their work.
  • That they had a richer experience with other Conference content and attendees because they were a part of this cohort.

Dance Business BootcampWANT TO ATTEND?

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