Dance/USA Announces New Archiving Services for Artists and Dance Groups

March 8, 2019

CONTACT: Johanna Tschebull
202.833.1717 x106

Washington, DC – Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance, is excited to announce the launch of new archiving services for the dance field. The services, which include consultations, archive assessments, inventories, and guidance on digitization and records management, are designed to assist artists and dance companies with securely preserving, organizing, and sharing their legacy records. Dance/USA members will receive discounted or waived fees for these services. Detailed information about the new archiving services can be found on Dance/USA’s website

Archival records are invaluable to artists and dance companies for remounting works, marketing, funding proposals, engagement initiatives, and ultimately for carrying artistic legacies into the future. The dance field faces special risks because so much of its legacy is documented through audiovisual recordings, many of which are on fragile and obsolete formats in danger of deteriorating and becoming unplayable. The proliferation of born-digital videos and photos presents its own challenges in terms of secure storage and efficient organization. Whatever stage organizations are at with their records, from seeking advice on first steps, to completing goals such as creating an inventory or getting items digitized, to identifying a permanent home for a collection, archiving consultants can help by providing advice, tools, and protocol based upon proven best practices. 

“Dance/USA believes that all artists’ legacies should be preserved and accessible,” said Imogen Smith, Dance/USA Director of Archiving and Preservation. “By providing in-person consultations in addition to our online resources, conference programming, and workshops, Dance/USA will help to bring sustainable archiving within reach for more of the field.” 

“Dance/USA’s new strategic plan establishes Archiving and Preservation as a core service of Dance/USA’s support for the field,” noted Amy Fitterer, Dance/USA’s Executive Director.  “We hope the launch of these new archival services to dance companies and artists is just the beginning of increased action around and visibility for the importance of dance preservation.”

About Dance/USA
Propelled by our belief that dance can inspire a more just and humane world, Dance/USA will amplify the power of dance to inform and inspire a nation where creativity and the field thrive. Dance/USA is the national service organization for the professional dance field. Established in 1982, Dance/USA champions an inclusive and equitable dance field by leading, convening, advocating, and supporting individuals and organizations. Dance/USA’s core programs are focused in the areas of engagement, advocacy, research, and preservation. Learn more about Dance/USA at

In June 2018, Dance/USA announced a new strategic plan that establishes archiving and preservation as a core service. Dance/USA’s Department of Archiving and Preservation offers expertise on archiving practices specific to dance organizations and artists, building on the integration of Dance Heritage Coalition’s (DHC) successful programs. Since 1996, DHC advanced preservation through digitization and access to dance archives, education and training, and hands-on archiving help for artists and dance companies. Archival resources are freely available on Dance/USA’s website through the Artist’s Legacy Toolkit, and the Archiving and Preservation Affinity Group provides a national network for dance archivists to collaborate and convene. Dance/USA’s Annual Conference offers opportunities to consult in person with archivists and attend panels and workshops on archiving topics. 

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