About the Screening Project


About the Screening Project

The screening assessment IS:

  • A quick screen designed to find “red flags”
  • Performed by health care professionals trained to administer the tests
  • An opportunity for dancers to meet the health care team
  • A source for individual referrals, recommendations and individualized preventative exercise programs
  • A living document that changes regularly based on experience and the most recent research

The screening is NOT:

  • A comprehensive physical evaluation
  • Meant for students or non-professional dancers
  • A research tool


The Annual Post-Hire Screening Assessment was designed for the professional adult dancer. The screen is not appropriate as a tool in any other setting including school settings. 

Access to Task Force Screen & Guidelines

About the Screening Project

The screening document, the guidelines and a video are available to help assist and support the health care professional administering the screen. 

Please contact the Screening Committee  for the most up-to-date version of the screening tool and usage guidelines.

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