Mailing List Rental

The Dance/USA Mailing List is an excellent way to reach out to dance companies, presenting organizations, service organizations, university dance programs, and agents.  Our mailing list is updated annually and contains over 400 addresses, including member and non-member dance companies as well as dance-related organizational members.  Dance/USA organizational and affiliate members are eligible to receive complimentary copies of the mailing list each year.  Individual members and non-members may rent the mailing list for a nominal fee.  Please see pricing information below.

If you are interested in reserving a Lead Feature Space or Closing Feature Space as a part of our Feature Space Announcement and Feature Space Highlight options in the Dance/USA Bulletin, published monthly and sent directly to over 1500 individuals’ email inboxes, click here

Available Formats
The dance company and Dance/USA member mailing list is available for rental in the following formats:

  • As an EXCEL file, emailed only to a third-party, bonded mailing house. The Dance/USA mailing list, in the form of an EXCEL file, will not be sent directly to the list renter.

  • As a set of PEEL & STICK laser label sheets. This format requires an additional processing fee.

Requirements and Restrictions

  • All lists are rented for a ONE-TIME use. Reproduction and/or storage of the list is prohibited.
  • A sample of the mailing piece must be provided for review prior to the release of the mailing list. Digital or hard copy formats are acceptable.
  • All pieces sent to the mailing list must be of general interest to the membership. Dance/USA reserves the right to refuse rental of its mailing list.

Ordering and Pricing

  • Requests for mailing list rentals can be made by contacting the director of member services with your order information.  Please include your contact information, membership type, desired format, contact information for the third-party mailing house (if applicable), any customization requests, and the sample mailing piece.
  • Requests will be processed within five (5) business days of receipt of order and sample mailing piece(s).
  • All prices listed below are for the full list of over 400 organization and affiliate members (no individuals) and dance companies.  Labels will include contact name (when available), organization name, and mailing address. Labels will be printed in order of zip code.
  • List customization (only specific categories or locations) is available for an extra fee.
  • First-class postage is included in the prices. If faster delivery is required (via FedEx), the cost of postage will be added to the prices listed below.

Member Category

Number of free copies per membership year (Member Benefit)

Cost per digital rental of list Cost per hard copy of list Customization Fee
Business Affiliate 2 free lists per membership year, either digital or hard format $30 (after complimentary copies have been received) $55 (after complimentary copies have been received) additional $25 per copy (including complimentary copies)
Organizations and Affiliates (except Business Affiliates) 1 free list per membership year, either digital or hard format $30 (after complimentary copy has been received) $55 (after complimentary copy has been received) additional $25 per copy (including complimentary copies)
Individuals N/A $30 $55 additional $25 per copy
Non-Members N/A $75 $135 additional $35 per copy


  • Customers with orders requiring payment will receive an invoice.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are credit card, check, or money order.
  • Checks and money orders must be payable to Dance/USA in U.S. dollars.

Contact the director of member services for more information.