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  • Dance/USA’s Fall Forecast: Policy and Legislative Update

    Brandon Gryde, Dance/USA's director of government affairs, gives us the scoop on the legislative issues dancers, choreographers, company managers, board members and executive directors should be watching in Congress this fall.

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  • LEADERSHIP CORNER: Andrea Lodico Welshons, Executive Director, KEIGWIN + COMPANY

    From the Green Room's Leadership Corner continues with a conversation with KEIGWIN + COMPANY's Executive Director Andrea Lodico Welshons. Read about how Welshons and Artistic Director Larry Keigwin view their working relationship as symbiotic and collaborative and Welshon's recipe for relatively accelerated, high-visibility growth for the company.

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  • Dance/USA 2015 Ernie Awardee Linda Shelton

    Linda Shelton receives the 2015 Dance/USA “Ernie” Award for “an individual working ‘behind the scenes’ within the infrastructure of the dance field. A long-time arts administrator, Shelton has a long-view of the dance field through her extensive work with the Joyce Theater in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. A current trustee and former chair of Dance/USA's board, Shelton has spent a career serving the non-profit concert dance world. Listen in as dance writer and scholar Mindy Aloff and Shelton talk about her work.

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  • Leadership Corner: C. Brian Williams, Founder/Executive Director, Step Afrika!

    Leadership Corner continues with this conversation featuring Brian Williams, founder and director of Step Afrika! the Washington, D.C.-based troupe dedicated to bringing step dance to the concert state here in the United States and around the world. Williams says: "First came the artistic opportunity, then came the business. For me, the question was, ‘How do I make this happen? What do I need to do and what are the first steps?’ I wanted to share stepping with the world. Making money really wasn’t the idea. If money had been the primary motivation, then I am sure I wouldn’t have gotten too far. Instead … it was the idea to step all across the continent of Africa, learn traditional dances, and explore the nexus between stepping and traditional African culture that really motivated me to launch Step Afrika! The question became: ‘How do I make that happen? And what are the opportunities?’" Read on for more.

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  • Casing Out a Case Study

    From the Green Room speaks with Pacific Northwest Ballet's Ellen Walker about the company's participation in the Wallace Foundation's audience engagement study and grant. Walker takes us through the process she and her marketing and executive team followed to attract and build a new target audience -- teenagers. Read on to learn more about the research component and strategies Walker and PNB took to attract young people.

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  • Attracting a Crowd

    The October 2014 study published by The Wallace Foundation, entitled The Road To Results: Effective Practices For Building Arts Audiences, seeks to take some of the guesswork out of choosing the right answers to your organization’s particular audience-building riddles by examining the examples of ten arts organizations. What can you learn from this report? Read on here.

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  • NEA Report: Reading Between the Lines

    Every decade the National Endowment for the Arts conducts large-scale quantitative research on audiences, providing a compendium of longitudinal information on audience behavior. How do we interpret and use this wealth of information? What do you need to know to participate in this ongoing conversation in the field? Read on here for more.

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  • Preparing for the Unthinkable

    How does an organization plan for a tragedy? You really can’t. You plan for your organization’s response to one by putting into place the information, guidelines, training, and materials needed to help company leadership and staff deal with a most difficult and often chaotic time.

    Writer Steve Sucato contacted Sarasota Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Culture Shock Dance Chicago, and Chicago Dance Crash about those company members they lost recently. Their insight and advice may prove useful in preparing your organization for the unthinkable.

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  • LEADERSHIP CORNER: Katherine Brown, Executive Director, New York City Ballet

    With this interview, From the Green Room inaugurates a new series, the Leadership Corner, featuring one-on-one conversations with top leaders in the dance field. Katherine Brown is executive director of New York City Ballet, and in that capacity oversees the management and administrative functions of the ballet and the David H. Koch Theater and manages a budget of approximately $77 million.

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  • When Tragedy Strikes in the Workplace

    Guidelines for managers on how to deal with tragedy in a dance company setting.

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