Ballet Mink, dance company member

Las Vegas, NV
Margot Mink Colbert, director

Ballet Mink was founded in New York City in 1970 and is known for a synthesis of styles, using traditional ballet and unconventional surprises, including the incorporation of theatrical elements, site-specific work, and video recording. The company currently resides in Las Vegas, NV.

1.    Describe your organization’s mission and its work in 3 adjectives. Please explain the adjectives you selected.

Inventive, Inspiring, Intelligent
Ballet Mink’s choreography balances on the edges of the conceptual and the classical, employing age-old forms deconstructed to create a repertoire of unique evenings of dance.

2.   What inspires the work of your organization and why?

Ballet Mink’s inspiration generates from the array of ideas and issues appropriate for dance works, contemporary and historical.  Specific form and content are developed from images and concepts new or long imagined, tempered by the opportunities open at the point in time in which a specific work is to be shaped.

3.    What accomplishment from the past year is your organization most proud of and eager to share with Dance/USA’s membership and the field at large?

"Emigration Transformation” and  “COLLAGE: Quartets and Vignettes,” two vastly different full evening works, one abstract and the other based on historical narrative, both premiered in Europe and the US in the 2011-12 season.

Ballet Mink company members are professional dancers whose creative and artistic contributions support the vision of the work.  This year, for the first time, the company includes three graduates of the University of Nevada Las Vegas Dance Department where they were trained by Mink Colbert and faculty.

4.    Where do you see dance in the future and how does your organization fit within that vision?

Although it is obvious that electronic creation and performance of dance will continue to increase exponentially, the sensory pleasure of live performance and the enlivening transfer of energy between audience and performer will provide a continuing legacy in the dance art.  Ballet Mink presents live performances while including media as part of the scenography.

5.    As an organization, what do you hope your dance legacy to be?

I hope the legacy of Ballet Mink will be to inspire my audiences, students, and the general public to explore all aspects of the dance art and the joy of creation with the body in flight.